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Creating a Sense of Place: Introducing Placemaking for the 250th

Tuesday, April 18 at 1:30PM

In our first webinar, Creating a Sense of Place: Introducing Placemaking, panelists will provide a general overview of placemaking and why it makes sense for engaging the public in the 250th. Our first speaker, Courtenay Mercer will provide an overview of what placemaking is and how it stitches history, heritage tourism, public arts, civic engagement, and economic development together.  Miriam Salerno will highlight the impact of publicly-engaged urban planning and the role placemaking can play in bringing people into historically informed development efforts. Craig Schlosser will discuss why Morris County has focused on creative placemaking and the various benefits it has brought to the county’s Cultural and Heritage Tourism. Tom Werder will dive into specific case studies that Morris Arts helped develop, demonstrating the types of initiatives and programs a town can incorporate into their 250th planning.


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