Organizational Members

Individual Members

Gabe Bailer, DMR Architects
Vivian E. Baker
Erin Ben-Hayon, Downtown Westfield Corporation Promotions Committee
Noreen Best, Dumont Economic Development Committee
Matthew Ceberio, RCM Ceberio
Sherry Cronin, Downtown & Non-profit Consultant
Abbie Galie, Medford Economic Development Committee
Rita Hanna
Donna Harris, Heritage Consulting, Inc
Michelle Harris, Alchemy Park LLC
Mayor Nicole Gillespie, Moorestown Township
Angela Knowles, Van Cleef Engineering
Debbie Lawlor, Colliers Engineering & Design
Kathleen Miller Prunty, Mayor, Cranford Township
Michael Mistretta, Harbor Consultants
Robert Peluso, Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce
Steven Stegman
Tammy Stouchko, SSP Architects
Laura Torchio
Nicole Wallace, Springfield Avenue Partnership (Maplewood)
Debra Yohannan, Maplewood Village Alliance

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