Downtown New Jersey Voices Support for Liquor License Legislation

Letter Of Support for Liquor Licensing

Downtown New Jersey President Robert Goldsmith Esq. has sent to state Sen. Robert Gordon a letter indicating the organization’s support of Senate bill S3222, which would allow a municipality to issue one license allowing sales of alcoholic beverages in a downtown business improvement zone, pedestrian mall, or special improvement district.

“Granting municipalities the power to issue an additional liquor license in such zones will greatly enhance the viability of downtowns and other commercial areas throughout New Jersey,” he said in the letter.

The letter also suggested several modifications that would help clarify how many licenses a municipality with more than one improvement zone could issue; and under what circumstances a dormant liquor license would go back to the issuing municipality.

Sen. Gordon introduced the bill on May 18, and it has been referred to the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee.

Read the full letter of support.

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