forum 2023 04 28

TNJ Institute Webinar: Parklet Best Practices & Guidebook
Friday, April 28th at 12:00PM
Virtual via Zoom

The TNJ Initiative, in collaboration with Downtown New Jersey, will hold a Forum on parklet implementation. Speakers will discuss lessons learned from the past 10 years since the original Parklet Handbook was released, and provide insights and ideas for future parklets. We’ll also preview an upcoming Parklet Manual that will have examples of context-sensitive considerations and ordinances.


  • Mayor Andrew Nowick, City of Lambertville
  • Chris Bernardo, President & CEO, Commercial District Services
  • Ryan Sharp, Director of Transportation and Parking, City of Hoboken
  • James Ribaudo, Director of Operations, Arterial
  • Courtenay D. Mercer, Executive Director, Downtown New Jersey (Moderator)

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