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The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on our downtowns and business communities. Those who made a concerted effort to adapt and proactively support their small businesses have fared better than communities that took a laissez faire approach. Learn how five different communities – the City of New Brunswick, the Town of Clinton, Union Township, City of Summit, and the City of Lambertville – reinvented their downtowns to help their business communities survive. Find out about initiatives that worked, and some that did not.


  • Nancy Adams, CMSM, Executive Director, Summit Downtown, Inc.
  • Emily Goldman, PP, AICP, Senior Associate, Clarke Caton Hintz
  • Janice Kovach, Mayor, Town of Clinton
  • Courtenay Mercer, PP, AICP, Executive Director, Downtown New Jersey
  • Carlos Sanchez, Economic Development Director, Township of Union

This webinar is organized by DNJ as part of the 2021 NJ Planning & Redevelopment Conference. Video of this session is only available to registered attendees of that event.

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