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The Changing Downtown Retail Paradigm

People are coming to downtowns for new reasons. This panel of experts in downtown development shared their insights on the changing nature of retail and how to attract the diverse yet complementary mix of uses that will be found in the downtowns of the future. They explored how to increase customer and business interest in downtowns by attracting restaurants, entertainment venues, services, and special placemaking features like art installations. Is your downtown ready to embrace this new frontier?


  • Debra Tantleff, TANTUM Real Estate (moderator)
  • David L. Bieber Esq., Newmark Associates
  • Sherry Cronin, Downtown Westfield
  • Patrick Schiavino, Asbury Underground

This panel was coordinated by Downtown New Jersey as part of the in-person 2017 New Jersey Future Redevelopment Forum, so there is no video of session.

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