From Inventory to Marketing: Gaining Visibility for your Underutilized Sites

11:00 am - 12:00 pm


This virtual training has something for everyone with brownfields and abandoned sites ready for redevelopment. We will take you through conducting an inventory and prioritizing sites and share ways you can market your properties online and through hard copy fact sheets. The starting point of a good marketing sheet is an asset inventory; which of your site’s features will pique the interest of an investor or developer and how is your municipality positioned to do business? You’ll get online links, sample inventories, actual marketing sheets and advice from experts who have been successful in buying or selling properties.


  • Bill Callen
    Vice President | Behan Communications
  • Jean Hamerman
    Deputy Director | Center for Creative Land Recycling
  • Patrick Terborg
    TD+Partners | Managing Member
  • Steve Black
    Transaction Manager | RACER Trust

Presented in collaboration with Passaic County Division of Economic Development / Passaic County Brownfields Commission



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