The 15-Minute City Webinar Series: Introduction to an Alternative Model to Our Current Commuting Culture

10:00 am - 11:30 am


America was once the train capital of the world before becoming the car capital of the world, and the country is again at an inflection point. The explosion in sales of bicycles and micro-mobility devices during the Covid-19 pandemic show multimodal transportation’s vast potential. Quickly emerging technologies such as Hyperloop and autonomous vehicles provide further impetus for municipalities to proactively plan their mobility future. Offering alternatives to cars is a hugely important element in attracting residents and reducing traffic. This session will share case studies from other parts of the world demonstrating the dramatic improvement to mobility that occurs when municipalities better accommodate all modes of travel.


  • Michelle Richardson, Executive Director, Hudson County Economic Development Corporation
  • Bryon Nicholas, PP, AICP, Transportation Planner, Hudson County Office of Engineering
  • Mel E. Myers, Esq., Attorney, McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC
  • Professor Marco te Brommelstroet, Chair on Urban Mobility Futures, University of Amsterdam



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