Policy Brief: Tax Incentive/Prevailing Wage Legislation (ACS A1571 & A1576)

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


There is state legislation currently gaining traction in Trenton that would impose prevailing wage requirements on private projects that receive tax abatements or tax exemptions (PILOTs). The bill also expands the application of prevailing wage to work on a property or premise leased by a public body – current law only applies to properties 55% leased by a public body, the new bill reduces the percentage to 35%.

Join Downtown New Jersey for a briefing, discussion, and next steps to ensure this legislation does not impede your downtown’s revitalization initiatives.



Downtown New Jersey is just one of many organizations and municipal officials joining a coalition to oppose ACS A1571 & A1576 and S1956. A website is in the works where we will be promoting our message and showcasing coalition members. The more members, the better for the cause.

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