Downtown Management Forum: Winning Winter

11:00 am - 12:30 pm


We do not anticipate significant indoor capacity increases in the near future; and even if they were forthcoming, many consumers still feel uncomfortable spending extended periods inside public places. With colder temperatures quickly approaching, downtowns should be preparing now to help their small businesses weather the Fall and Winter seasons. Accommodating, and even encouraging, outdoor consumer activities is not anything new – especially to those in colder climes. Your downtown may have even embraced the chill in years past by hosting a Winter Market or Winter Festival. During this forum, we will discuss best practices in placemaking to make your downtown inviting and comfortable during cold weather. The discussion will be led by Metuchen Downtown Alliance Executive Director, Isaac Kremer, and Storefront Mastery‘s Storefront Ninja, Jaime Izurieta.

Winning Winter is the first in a two-part placemaking series. After your hear and exchange ideas at this forum, you will be challenged to implement an innovative placemaking approach in your own downtown. At the second forum during the Downtown New Jersey Conference in early December, your innovative placemaking projects will be highlighted as examples of best practices.

To ensure a secure virtual meeting, registration is required. Registrations are manually approved, so expect email confirmation of your with login information to be delayed. Please register at least 30 minutes prior to the forum.

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