Downtown Management Forum: Farmers Markets in the New Normal

11:30 am - 1:00 pm


Farmers Markets are a wonderful way to provide residents with fresh produce and unique packaged goods, while also supporting NJ’s farmers and local small business producers of packaged goods. If done right, they can even alleviate some of the anxiety many are experiencing shopping at large grocery stores or struggling to get a delivery slot. At this forum, the discussion will be led by two BIDs that began planning early with an eye toward maximizing safety for both vendors and consumers. Rachel Sieg of the HDSID will share the details of their upcoming traditional walk-up market in downtown Jersey City; and Rebecca Hersh will share her experience setting up Main Street Highland Park‘s drive-through market. Afterwards, all participants are welcome to exchange ideas about bringing this beloved activity back to your downtown in a safe manner.

To ensure security during the ZOOM meeting, registration is required. Please register at least 30 minutes before the meeting so we can send log in information.

Please note that this session is not intended for individual business owner participation, rather it is meant to be an exchange of ideas between those involved with the management of downtown business districts.


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