Creative Placemaking & Economic Impact Workshop

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9:00 am - 1:00 pm

North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority


This free workshop will focus on practices and policies that municipal leaders and decision-makers can undertake to foster Creative Placemaking in their communities. Specifically, the workshop is designed for mayors, council members, commission and board members, municipal planning and engineering officials.
The CCP workshop will feature:
· Understanding the process of Creative Placemaking and the economic value of undertaking Creative Placemaking planning over traditional redevelopment processes,
· Policies in NJ that have been successful against a self-analysis of your municipality’s policies,
· Understanding of how and why it is critical to engage the larger community,
· Ideas of creative ways to brand the unique aspects of the community,
· Funding sources for Creative Placemaking planning, and
· Panelist of leaders from state, county and local officials from the NJTPA region sharing best practices which have led to success in NJ communities.
Hosted by North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, Together North Jersey, and The Center for Creative Placemaking.

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