Downtown New Jersey is the organization of individuals, businesses, government agencies, and local and regional organizations that are passionate about downtowns. Downtowns provide a focal point for our communities, reflect their unique identities, provide a convenient local place of commerce, provide our communities a sense of place, and offer a place in which people gather and truly be community.

Downtown New Jersey is a resource dedicated to ensuring the vitality of our downtowns. Count on us as your resource for anything regarding downtowns in New Jersey.

Downtown New Jersey acts as an advocate for downtown commercial districts in New Jersey to:

  • Provide information and educational opportunities for professional downtown and commercial district revitalization organizations;
  • Recognize the best efforts of these organizations;
  • Track judicial and legislative issues which can affect the success of New Jersey’s downtown commercial districts;
  • Provide opportunities to foster communication among the business, government and professional communities concerned with the well being of downtown and commercial districts.
  • To inform and educate membership on legislative issues involving downtowns and commercial business districts.